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Risks Facing Churches: Fire, Falls, Theft & Misconduct

As a church, you are going to encounter a variety of risk.  You can minimize your exposure to that risk with an appropriate insurance policy that covers your bases.  The main 4 factors that affect churches are Fire, Falls, Theft, and Misconduct.

Fire:  Thousands of fires occur on religious properties each year.  Not only does fire damage your building (or possibly destroy it) it will also cause you losses in revenue and tithing plus additional costs of a new meeting place.  Most church fires happen in the church kitchen. Bad wiring, arson, and candles make up most of the rest.

Churches encounter a number of different risks, but thankfully many can be minimized.  

Falls:  One of the most common risk factors churches face are claims for slips and falls.  Your policy will likely protect you against medical bills and legal fees that result from falls on your property or at a church function.

Theft:  Churches are regularly targeted for theft and burglary.  Both results in losses and damage to church property. Your church policy will cover religious items not usually covered in a normal property policy.

Misconduct:  Misconduct and sexual abuse are becoming more and more common as risk churches face.  The liability portion of your insurance can protect the church and church members in the event of harassment or misconduct.

If you have questions about church insurance or how your policy works, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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