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Denomination Headquarters

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Image by Ben White

Denomination Headquarters Coverage is designed to provide specialized, comprehensive insurance coverage for headquarters of religious organizations and their member institutions.

Participants in this program offered by InsuranceOne Insurance gain access to these added benefits:

  • Enhanced property coverage for each participating policyholder providing an additional 25 percent of their total building and contents amount of insurance. Limit of up to $1,000,000 to use in case of an insured property loss.

  • The headquarters will be notified of a lapse in coverage of any participating institution so it can take the necessary steps to keep the insurance coverage operating effectively.

  • Each participating institution will have flexibility in determining its own coverage and limits, where the headquarters establish the minimum requirements.

  • Each participating institution obtains its own policy.

  • Each participating institution is billed individually.


If you represent a denomination of more than one congregation, contact us to learn more about the benefits of insuring your organization and your member churches.

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