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Church Liability Insurance

Protection against injury.

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General Liability coverage protects the church against claims of bodily injury or property damage arising out of its premises or operations for which the church may be legally liable. Other general liability coverages to seek within your church policy include:

  • Liability for personal and advertising injury offenses, such as libel and slander

  • Medical expenses, regardless of fault

  • Claims resulting from ministers’ spiritual counseling

  • Expenses resulting from a violent incident occurring during a church sponsored activity


Your church insurance general liability coverages should protect church members, employees, officials, staff, and volunteers acting on behalf of the church.


Optional Insurance Coverages

A wide variety of optional insurance coverages are also available:

  • Non-owned and Hired Auto Liability: Provides additional liability coverage for personal or rented vehicles that are used on behalf of the ministry for any church-related business ventures. Common instances include using a members’ personal car to carpool to a church-related event, renting a vehicle in the name of the church, driving to visitations on behalf of the church, or even running errands for the church. The limit of this coverage is $1,000,000.

  • Directors and Officers Liability: Provides coverage for your directors, officers, trustees, administrators, etc. for decisions they’ve made on behalf of the church. This coverage protects those individuals from being held personally liable or at fault for those acts or decisions. The limit of this coverage is $1,000,000 per occurrence.

  • Employment Practices Liability: Provides coverage for employment-related claims such as sexual harassment, failure to hire, wrongful discharge, failure to promote, etc. Coverage available up to $1,000,000 per occurrence.

  • Sexual Misconduct Liability: Provides protection for your organization in the event that any legal action is taken due to accusations of sexual misconduct by a staff member or volunteer. The limits of coverage available range from $25,000 - $1,000,000 per occurrence.

  • Employee Benefits Liability: Provides coverage for the administration of employee benefits programs.

  • Lost Wages Coverage: Reimburses an injured, non-employee for their lost wages while away from work due to an accident as part of church ministry, regardless of fault.

  • Counselors Liability (licensed and fee-based): Provides coverage for the additional exposure licensed and fee-based counseling has. With this coverage, pastoral and volunteer counseling is automatically included. The limit of this coverage is $1,000,000. Please contact us for full coverage details and liability specifics regarding Counselors Liability.

  • Religious Expressions Coverage: Helps defend your church against claims of mental or emotional pain arising from actions others deem discriminating or harmful.

  • Daycare Liability: Provides coverage for the additional exposures a church-owned daycare has. Daycare medical payments can be added to this policy to cover medical costs (regardless of fault or negligence) to injured daycare participants.

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