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Risk Management

Prepare and Prevent

Image by Anna Earl

At Moyer & DesCombes, our philosophy is “It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent.” We truly believe risk management is an essential piece of any church insurance program.

Breaking Down Risk Management For Churches

Developing a comprehensive risk management plan for your church begins with evaluating the everyday risks in all aspects of your ministry. When an unexpected accident occurs, the worst feeling is knowing that you aren’t protected for the upcoming burdens your church could face. The first step is generally the hardest, as most don’t know where to start. We can help.

The Moyer & DesCombes Insurance Agency blends a superior insurance product with risk management resources, training, and an abundant amount of knowledge to help churches of all sizes and denominations in Missouri and Kansas. We also insure Christian schools/seminaries and religious headquarters. With a goal of exceeding expectations, our level of service is unmatched.

A few benefits of developing a church risk management plan include:

  • Prevent problems before they occur

  • Prepare for the best possible way to handle certain situations

  • Make your church the safest place you can

  • Identify current possible risks and avoid them

  • Identify future possible risks and avoid them

  • Protect your ministry

We’ve seen that churches who are involved with a risk management plan have fewer troubles in the future. Let Moyer & DesCombes Insurance help your church develop a risk management plan, implement the plan, and follow through with that safety plan. It’s as simple as that! Reach out today.


Resources For Your Church

Looking for relevant and informative resources for your risk management questions? Guide One’s Safety Resources page has answers and tips for hundreds of different risk management topics. They also offer numerous checklists, sample policies and recommended approaches for dealing with these common issues. Here are just a few issues with resources for your church:

  • Facility Use Agreements

  • Permission Forms/Hold Harmless Agreements

  • Fire Prevention

  • Vehicle & Auto Safety, Tips & More

  • Background Checks

  • Child Abuse & Sex Offender Resources

  • Building Resources & Emergency Situation Tips

  • Workers’ Compensation Resources

  • Flood Preparedness

  • Food Allergies & Safety


Knowing that risk management is such an important factor for every church, Moyer & DesCombes Insurance Agency wants to make sure everyone is in the loop and has answers to their risk management questions.

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