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Personal Insurance

Protection for you and your family.


The Moyer & DesCombes works with insurers who are recognized as leaders in the personal insurance industry. We specialize in providing individuals with an array of auto, home, and life products while helping them be the best stewards of their insurance dollars. Personal Insurance has been a focus of ours since 1991, and we pride ourselves on the individuals and families we’ve helped and the strong relationships we’ve made along the way. Many of our very first clients are still with us today – the goal for each and every client we take on is to protect you, your family, and your assets for a more fulfilling life.

Auto Insurance

Overwhelmed by all the auto insurance choices? Don’t be! We’ll help you find the auto insurance you need at a rate you can afford. Because we have built relationships with several insurers and helped insure individuals in all stages of life, we can create an insurance policy package that fits your needs and your budget.

We can also help you select coverage for other vehicles you may enjoy: Recreational vehicles, Watercraft, Motorcycles, and Off-Road Vehicles, for example.


Home & Renters Insurance

Your home is your sanctuary, and your most valuable asset, which is why we work diligently to make sure you always have a place to come “home” to. Our insurance options are tailored to match specific needs of all – whether you’re an owner or renter, our policies provide total safety and protection to you and your possessions. Our variety of add-on coverages ensure everything you’ve worked so hard to create is fully protected.


Life Insurance

Family is the most important thing we have, and Moyer & Moyer is here to help you do anything you can to protect your loved ones. Whether you are looking for Term, Whole, or Universal Life insurance, we can discuss the wisest options you have to protect you and your family from financial difficulty in the event of a family member’s death.



Full-Service Coverage

The Moyer & DesCombes offers these common policies, plus many other personal insurance products such as:

  • Rental Property Insurance

  • Umbrella Insurance Policies

  • Flood Insurance


Building relationships and celebrating growing families is one of the greatest joys we cherish. We want to make sure you’re safe and protected, all while staying within your budget. Oftentimes discounts are offered when you hold multiple policies, both Home and Auto, for example. We will help you choose the best policies, and the best companies to buy your insurance from.

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