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Workers' Compensation

Protection for both the church and its employees.

Image by Patrick Fore

While workers’ compensation insurance is compulsory in both Missouri and Kansas, the requirements and exemptions vary from state to state. Moyer & DesCombes can help your church meet the insurance required by the law. As a result of working with churches of many different sizes and employment arrangements, we understand how to apply the proper policies to protect both your organization and your employees.

Keys Of Risk Management For Workers

“It’s better to prepare and prevent than repair and repent” is not just an axiom for estates! Even more important are the people who are serving your congregation with their time and talent. We practice this belief by helping churches prevent accidents through training resources, information, and personal attention.

Regular training and proper supervision are two key elements in being proactive on safety and reducing exposure for work related injuries. Caution and safety signs of various types are also highly useful for reducing exposure toward work-related injuries if displayed where workers can see them.

Risk Control Categories

  • Exposure Avoidance: Eliminate entirely any possibility of loss. It is achieved either by abandoning or never undertaking an activity or an asset

  • Loss Prevention: Reduce the frequency (or the likelihood) of a particular loss

  • Loss Reduction: Lower the severity of a particular loss

  • Contractual Transfer of Risk: Transfer both the financial burden and the legal responsibility for a loss


Moyer & DesCombes would hate to see your church suffer financially from an instance that could have been covered. We have an experienced and helpful team who can answer any of your questions and guide you through each step. Let us help protect your organization in its entirety.

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