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Get Thru Boating Season Safely

Boating season is in full swing!  If you’ve been to the lake you’ll notice that more and more people are getting out on the water.  Sales of boats continually increase year over year. Despite the rise in ownership, boating accidents have actually been decreasing.

Talk about great news!  To continue the trend in boating safety we want to provide you with a few quick tips.

Get the right life jackets - Ensure everyone wears them

With so many varieties of life jackets, it can be intimidating to know which one to buy.  Focus on what activities you’re going to be doing (skiing, kayaking, boating, etc.) and water conditions in the areas you will be boating.  All of your potential passengers (including your pets) need a life jacket that fits properly.  

Make sure they are worn at all times!  According to the Coast Guard, most incidents of boat drowning occurs with life jackets being on board, however, the victim was not wearing one.

Keep Safety Equipment On Board

This may seem like common sense, but a good reminder none-the-less.  There are a variety of safety items you can outfit your boat with. A fire extinguisher is required by law.  Any enclosed areas should have a carbon monoxide detector.

Make sure you have an anchor, flares or signal lighting and an emergency positioning beacon in case you get lost and must be located.

Common Sense Goes a Long Way

Keeping your boat maintenanced and cared for is a great way to avoid and prevent problems on the water.  That way, your time on the water will be fun and enjoyable!

Watch your speed and don’t drink if you’re driving.  Remember, the water is full of other people, too. If everyone does their part, we can continue to see the trend in declining boating accidents continue.

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