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Tree Trimming Talk For Spring


Spring is a great time to get outside, enjoy the warmer weather, spruce up your lawn and landscaping, and trim your trees.  Tree maintenance is important to keep your yard looking great, for the health of the tree, and for overall safety for yourself, your home, and your loved ones.  Are you ready to learn more? Your homeowner's policy will thank you!

Appearance is pretty self-explanatory.  Trimmed, cleaned up trees look great. I’m not saying to go turn your shrub out front into a T-Rex or anything, but trimming up limbs and branches can do a lot for making your home’s exterior look much more appealing.

As far as health of your trees, getting rid of dead or dying branches is good for the tree as a whole.  Oftentimes, cutting away dead or weak branches can strengthen the tree as a whole. We could do an entire blog post on tree health, so do some research.  Trees are pretty incredible and they can get sick and injured in a number of ways. Help them out by clearing the bad stuff away as much as you can.

Keeping yourself, your family, and your home safe is the most important reason to keep your trees tidy.  There are likely branches that could cause damage to your home, your vehicle, or your family! Spring thunderstorms can pack a punch and wind is always going to be a factor if you have trees around your home.  If branches start to get close, trim them. Have an arborist come remove any that are high or look to be difficult to tackle on your own.

Now, early Spring is the perfect time to trim your trees with minimal damage.  Immediate trimming can and does become necessary when a tree has grown to obstruct a path or the vision of pedestrians and/or vehicles.  Limbs and branches that have grown near power lines (call the utility company in this event. DO NOT trim these branches yourself). Lastly, if branches and limbs have grown to the point that they present a threat to your home, your car, or your family, they have got to go!  Take care of them before they take care of you (or your car or home).

I would recommend and encourage you to hire an arborist to trim your trees instead of doing it yourself.  Tree trimming can be dangerous and can really harm the tree if not done properly. If you decide to trim your trees yourself, remember safety first.  Wear appropriate safety equipment for your hands, eyes, and proper ladder safety. Again, if you have limbs near power lines - DO NOT TRIM THEM YOURSELF.  Call a professional.

The USDA has developed a handy guide for trimming trees yourself.  Check it out below:

  • Branches smaller than 2 inches (or 5 centimeters) in diameter: Proceed.
  • Branches between 2 and 4 inches (or 5 and 10 centimeters) in diameter: Think it over.
  • Branches larger than 4 inches (or 10 centimeters): Contact an arborist.

Saving on insurance often means being proactive to keep premiums and claims to a minimum.  By taking care of your trees, you’re not only protecting the health of your trees, you’re protecting your home, your car, and your most precious asset… your family.  Enjoy the warmer weather and stay safe working on your Spring to-do list!

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