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Tips to Prepare for Spring Storms


Tips to Prepare for Spring Storms

Spring is almost here and that means severe weather.  Thunderstorms, tornadoes and more are part of life here in the Midwest.  Prevention is key. By taking a few preventative measures you can weather the storms more safely while possibly saving yourself money.

  1. Check your roof and siding for problems.  Have a contractor check your home for loose or missing shingles.  Also, check for leaks and water spots in your ceiling. Your home siding should be secure.  Check it for loose pieces which can come off in high winds.
  2. Clean and clear your gutters.  Make sure they are firmly attached to your house.  Strong winds and heavy rain are known to pull loose gutters away, damaging your home.  Grab a ladder and check them for debris. Ensure your downspouts are secure and pointed away from your home’s foundation.  
  3. Trim & clean up trees and shrubs.  With heavy winter storms and snow, it’s a good idea to clear any damaged or weak branches from trees.  Heavy winds can snap branches and send them plummeting down on to your home.

It’s a good idea to stock up on batteries, water, flashlights, and a weather radio.  Talk with your family about what your plan is in the event of severe weather. Make sure any furry friends are included in that plan, too.  With these quick tips, you can save yourself some of the stress caused by Spring thunderstorms. Be safe and happy Spring!

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