The Latest Safety Trends and Risks for Churches in 2017

Besides the ever-present liability from accidents that a church needs to protect against, let's discuss 4 more timely areas. The third and fourth originate from the very latest human "advances".

latest safety trends and risks for churches

1. Violence From Outside...And Within

Today's increasing violence has touched places of worship more than ever. Garden-variety vandalism, faith-originating terrorism, domestic violence involving church attendees while at church, areas where people can legally bear arms: these are complex issues where insurance protection needs to be decided.    

2. Sexual Abuse Claims

  • Prevention: While impossible to prevent all such claims, background checks on all workers and volunteers could derail problems. Also, training all church personnel on proper and improper dealings with anyone associated with the church is extremely wise. 
  • Response to allegations: How you answer any charges is as crucial as prevention. Empathy for a victim without admitting unjustified guilt is the task you'll face. 

3. Surveillance, Data, And Privacy

Video cameras provide security for church staff and attendees, as well as assistance to law enforcement when attacks of any type are made on church property, so installing and maintaining them is vital. 

As the modern church seeks to look after its parishioners, maintaining church records in cyberspace carries its own "hacking" risks. This involves proper privacy protection for everyone involved. Liability insurance in this area is not just trendy, it's an awareness of the times. 

4. Societal Changes and Church Vulnerability

Progressive (if not permissive) cultural changes sometimes earn government protection. When the principles a church abides by seem to encroach on, and even clash with, so-called legal "rights", church liability may occur. Professional insurance advice and coverage for religious expression as it applies to church usage is the safest strategy.       

These safety trends and risks for churches in 2017 are just 4 of many issues that liability insurance can protect against. For more in-depth information contact us today and stay current for the sake of your church's success!

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