The Importance of Scheduled Insurance Checkups

You have regular checkups with your doctor and your dentist, and you probably schedule an appointment in the fall with your auto mechanic for a winter checkup for your vehicle. Everything in our lives runs smoother with checkups.


That includes one other checkup you may have forgotten to schedule -- a checkup with your insurance agent. Maybe it slipped your mind, or maybe you hadn't realized why it's so important to your financial health, but it’s just as important as doctor appointments are to your physical health, and auto checkups are to your car's health to run optimally all year long.

Why should you carve out more time out of your schedule to sit down with your insurance agent to chat about insurance? And how do you sandwich in another “must-do” in an already-crowded, busy life?

The answer is so that you can update your agent on any changes that have taken place during the past year or so, so that the information in your policy can accurately reflect the value of your possessions. You may now have new, valuable items, like precious gems, and other additions and changes you've made to your home. When it comes to your life, your family's life, and your financial future, you'll see that reflecting and considering insurance is necessary.

When your agent notes these upgrades and valuable purchases, we are helping you in an important way: making certain that you get every dollar owed to you in case of a claim. If the improvements, upgrades, and new purchases of valuables don't appear on your policy, you won't be paid for them at the time of loss. You'll be paid only for those items previously listed on your policy, and that could put a big dent in your financial situation.

Annual insurance checkups are worth your time and are painless if you prepare well. Prepare for your appointment by taking time to list everything that is new or has been upgraded since you last spoke to your agent. The low-tech pencil and paper works well for this inventory. List each purchase with a description, including a model number, if there is one; the item's serial number, if there is one; what it cost and when and where you bought it; and the maker or manufacturer of the item. Also have receipts handy, since insurance companies prefer if you can show proof of ownership. This inventory list will become a living document that you'll add to every year.

Clearly, an insurance checkup is important to your financial health, and your inventory is starting to grow. Now would be a good time to set that appointment with your insurance agent. Contact us to learn more and schedule your insurance checkup today.

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