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Have You Heard of Umbrella Insurance?

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As you already know, anything can happen at any time.  You have a variety of insurance coverages for a variety of risk.  Anything can and does happen and it’s important to keep yourself and your family protected. An option to mitigate this risk is umbrella insurance.  Have you considered it? Have you heard of it? Umbrella coverage basically gives your existing policies and added boost.  The benefit? You get to enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re covered and that anything unexpected can and will be taken care of when it eventually happens.  Peace of mind is great isn’t it? Even if you aren’t a multi-millionaire - you could still face a lawsuit seeking millions in damages.  Can you identify with any of the following? You use social media. You volunteer or work with your HOA You have guests, events, or parties in your home You own property You have a job...
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