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Paint Yourself Happier: The Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color
  Do you feel like you get the winter time blues?  Do short days and a lot of time indoors make you feel kind of blah?  Seasonal affective disorder is very real. However, the psychology of color is, too!  As we ramp up for Spring and you start your Spring cleaning and outdoor projects, it may be time to update the colors in your home as well.  Updating the interior paint in your home can do a lot for its value. It can also do a lot for your mental and emotional health. When it comes to your home, think calm and inviting.  Let’s delve into the psychology of colors and where to use them in your home.  Colors and uses are: Whites:   White is associated with clean (hospitals and doctors).  /  Best rooms: Bathrooms and kitchen Blues: Blue is associated with calm and peacefulness.  /  Best rooms: Bedroom Yellows:...
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