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BJ Moyer

Online Safety Best Practices

Keeping your home and car protected is a must.  What about your digital identity? Your personal information is at risk any time you log on, but there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe. Multi-Factor Authentication:  You’ve likely seen this feature (and hopefully you’ve started using it) in which additional verification is required to sign in.  Not just a password. You will likely need to set up security questions or you can have a code or verification text or email sent to your phone.  It’s really a win-win! Granted, it takes a little longer to log in, you’ll be thankful you have added layers of security in the event of an attempted breach. Backup Your Data:  Having your phone or computer stolen is awful, but losing documents, photos, files, etc. doesn’t have to hurt as much!  Backup your data in a variety of ways. Buy an external...
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