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An Intro to Business Insurance

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Starting a business is exciting!  That excitement is likely mixed with a little fear and probably some uncertainty about the future.  As a business owner, insurance is going to be a big part of that future. You want to protect your business and yourself from as much risk as possible while also protecting your property, staff, and patrons.   There are a lot of options for business insurance for a variety of different risks.  If you have a particular question, please contact us today to discuss your unique situation.  We will be covering the main insurance(s) you are going to need, in no particular order. Professional Liability Insurance:  If you are providing a professional service, you need Liability Insurance.  This is also called E&O insurance (errors & omissions). This insurance will cover your business should your service not perform, injure or damage a person(s) or property, or protection against claims of...
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