Prevent Slips and Falls This Spring: Steps to Follow

Although Spring is beautiful, it's also a time when slips and falls can occur more frequently than they do in other seasons. Why? Well, the very showers that bring flowers can cause slip and falls. All you need is blame your organization, and leave it liable for damages -- for medical care or time off work.

Prevent Slips and Falls

In addition, people may be unprepared for the weather activity that can cause slips and falls. They may go out without umbrellas or hike through a lawn, not realizing the degree of mud or rain.

So what's the best way to PREVENT SLIPS AND FALLS THIS SPRING? Here are 4:

  1. Make sure you have equipment to clean up and warn. In case of water on stairs or walkways, you need mops and buckets. You need warning signs, barricades, and/or cones to warn the public about any potentially unsafe conditions. Have enough of both.
  2. Train employees. Make sure that employees know how to clean up, how to place safety warnings, and understand the importance of maintaining areas in a completely safe condition.
  3. Do an environmental assessment. Do you have downspouts sending water down when it should be going out as well? It could make walkways and lawns very wet. Does your sprinkler system make walking or driving dangerous? Place sprinklers where they can do only good, not harm.
  4. Clear foliage and trim grass. Wet leaves, flowers, and grass can all be surprisingly dangerous if walkers slip and fall. Make sure your grounds are maintained with pedestrian safety in mind.

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