Outdoor Church Activity Safety Checklist for Activities

With the coming of Spring, Summer, and the warm months of Fall, outdoor church activities become much more prevalent. Barbecues, picnics, volleyball, and other games.

Outdoor Church Activity Safety Checklist

It's important, though, to not let fun and fellowship make safety take a back seat. You need to have an outdoor church activity safety checklist to ensure safety of the grounds and anyplace you may go.

To Prevent Slips and Falls:

  • Do not drape cords from speakers or microphones over trees or walkways. If you absolutely must place them over a sidewalk, put brightly colored tape over them.
  • Walk through grassy areas. Are there holes or dents? Have them filled if so.
  • Any folding tables or chairs need to be very sturdy and well maintained.
  • Make sure tent stakes and posts are in excellent condition.

To Prevent Fire:

  • Any open flames are dangerous to children and pets. Keep them at least 3 feet away from open flame. Remove flammable objects. An adult should be present during any activity involving fire, at all times.
  • A fire extinguisher should be easily accessible at all times. Make sure these work at the beginning of the season.

To Prevent Heat-Related Accidents:

  • Monitor expectations for weather. If excessive heat is expected, have an alternate date planned. Ditto for lightning and thunderstorms.
  • If high heat is expected, stock up on bottled water. Make sure your activity has plenty of shade available. It's a good idea to have plans for air-conditioned interiors as a "sun date."

For more information on indoor or outdoor church safety tips, contact us.

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