How is Your Church Prepared to Evacuate in the Case of an Emergency?

In case of disaster, have you discussed the need to evacuate with your members and guests? Do you have an action plan prepared and posted in plain sight for everybody entering the building?

exit sign in building

Emergencies and disasters happen at a moment's notice, sometimes without any warning. Suddenly out of nowhere, a church of joy can turn to crisis of pure chaos.

When an emergency that produces fear or panic hits a group of unprepared people, the fight or flight instincts trigger to keep us safe. People may react uncharacteristically, often hurting each other in mayhem more than the threat itself does in the aftermath.

For that reason, it is critical to be prepared for evacuation anytime a group of people has gathered at your church. The more people a church has gathered, the more critical the need to ensure the safety of all who attend.

With some, like a tornado or blizzard, there are warnings that allow time to get to safe ground with the proper planning and safety routes.

Increasing incidents of human threats and news reports of public place bomb scares also warrant the need for churches to prepare for immediate evacuation. These threats often do not allow time to respond to the fear and panic that can unfold, and it is important to be ready.

Be prepared. Plan. Discuss. Post an evacuation route. For more information about emergency preparedness, contact us for your church insurance needs.

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