It's no secret that a healthy lifestyle can benefit your insurance costs (as in lowers them), and in more ways than one. See how staying atop your physical well-being could also help your financial well-being.

How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Benefit Your Insurance Costs

Insurance Premiums

Regardless of how healthcare insurance (and the actual health care we receive) finally pans out, there may be a financial reward for maintaining good health. Insurance companies encourage a healthy lifestyle through the premiums they establish for their clients. Why?

Logically, when providing medical treatment for a policy holder who is frequently ill, an insurance company sustains a financial loss. Insurance companies love a policy holder who never needs to seek treatment. Hence, that person will pay the lowest premiums.


The cost of a co-pay seems insignificant to some, but when an unhealthy lifestyle prompts frequent visits to a healthcare facility, those dollars begin to add up. Adopting a healthy diet and falling in-step with a regular exercise program can help minimize these expenditures.


Once you've paid low premiums and the very rare co-pay (few doctor and hospital visits equals few co-pay costs), how do deductible expenses affect you? Very little! The less often that serious medical events occur, the less that deductibles enter the picture.  

A Priceless Bonus: Great Health!

Making a healthy lifestyle our everyday routine could save us cold hard cash, especially taking into consideration our health insurance costs, but the most treasured reward is feeling great. While there is no guarantee that even those who live a healthy lifestyle may not face serious illness, strict avoidance of damaging vices and habits helps us curb certain risks and costs of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Physical fitness can mean financial fitness. If you're the type of person who avoids unhealthy eating and exercises regularly, you could be in line for health insurance savings. Contact us for more information on personal insurance and maximizing your personal health to find the best coverage for you.