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Everyday Habits to Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there is a vehicle break-in approximately every 10 seconds. In most cases, these are spur of the moment crimes of opportunity. Follow these common-sense steps and make them habits to deter potential thieves and prevent a vehicle break-in.

Everyday Habits to Prevent Vehicle Break Ins, car in parking lot

Make Safety a Priority

No matter how quick the stop, always remove your keys from the ignition and lock the doors, and never leave children inside the vehicle unattended. Criminals are also less likely to target vehicles parked in busy, well-lit areas. 

Increase Vehicle Break-In Difficulty

A thief is looking for an easy target where he or she can get in and out quickly with little chance of being discovered. Adding anti-theft decals and locks on the steering wheel or brakes can deter thieves by letting them know that a break-in will take time and effort, increasing the likelihood of being caught. Audible alarms, GPS tracking, and even flashing lights can scare away thieves.

Keep Property Out of Sight

Do not advertise that you have high-value items by leaving them in the cabin of your vehicle. Even a cell phone or small amount of cash left unattended can serve as an invitation to potential thieves. Make it a practice of putting personal items in your trunk as soon as you get to your vehicle. You should not wait until you reach your destination to do this since you may be observed by a potential thief lurking in the parking lot. 

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