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Tips for Nonprofit Insurance

Tips for nonprofit insurance
Your non-profit will have insurance needs.  Often times, a non-profit is built around a deep passion, and that passion can sometimes overshadow the business decisions you need to be making.  We’re going to cover a few tips for your non-profit insurance needs. Set your budget: Newer non-profits can sometimes struggle with budgeting for the coverage needed.  Make sure you get a quote when planning your budget so you and your team can start to set reasonable expectations.  Costs and coverages are obviously dependent on the work you are doing. Begin as early as possible: General liability insurance for your officers is going to be a big majority of your budget.  By starting early the costs of insurance can become a normal part of your annual budget. There won’t be any “shock” value as premiums role in as you grow.  Also, by having coverage early, eventual coverage and policy limits can grow...
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3 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Church Insurance

Protecting your church is obviously priority number one.  With the right agent, you can make a well-informed decision while at the same time receiving personal attention and the peace of knowing your best interest is being kept as top priority.  We strive to provide our clients with the greatest client experience we can while ensuring they have the peace of mind. Here are 3 key things to ask when looking to ensure your church: Do you specialize in church insurance?  Having someone who understands the particulars around insuring churches will provide tremendous value over the long haul.  It’s also important to find out if the agent work with multiple carries or just one. How long does it take to have a claim handled?  When bad things happen, it’s important to have reasonable expectations with regard to claims processing.  It’s comforting to have confidence that your insurance company will be there and...
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Insurance For Today's Churches

  Insurance for a church or religious institution can be confusing, overwhelming, and without the right guidance, you could find yourself over or underinsured which can cost you in more ways than just financially.  At Moyer & Moyer, we specialize in insuring churches. It’s our passion and we strive to be the best resource for churches in the market. Let’s get started! Luckily, the team at Moyer & Moyer are church insurance experts!  Let's discuss some of the basics of church insurance and what you need to do to ensure your church is properly covered. Property insurance is just that, coverage for your property and things the church owns.  Your liability insurance covers you for anything you may be found liable which causes damage to another (examples:  slip and fall, light or a speaker fell, etc.). General liability insurance is your best defense against any such liability and the possible litigation...
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Common Questions When Renting A Car

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If you travel for personal or professional reasons this summer, you will likely rent a car.  When it comes to car rental, most people often ask if they need to buy the rental car agency's insurance.If you travel for personal or professional reasons this summer, you will likely rent a car.  When it comes to car rental, most people often ask if they need to buy the rental car agency's insurance. Let's jump straight in.  Let me remind you, that while I am an insurance agent, I may or may not be your insurance agent.  Maintaining your policy in good standing and the coverage you carry will determine whether or not your claim is accepted or denied.  We are discussing hypotheticals here.  Now... Do you need to purchase additional insurance?  Most of the time, no, probably not.  Your personal auto insurance will cover you for liability and, should a get in...
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Getting Your Home From Winter to Summer

Last week, we discussed how to get your vehicle the TLC it needs to transition out of winter weather and ready for the warm KC summer.  Not surprisingly, your home takes quite a beating as well during those cold, dreary winter months. Freezing temperatures, moisture of all kinds, wind, it can all add up to disaster if you don’t maintain when the weather improves. First, do a quick run through of your house and check for ceiling stains.  Leaks are especially common when temperatures drop. While leaks may not be visible in the middle of a room, it’s important to check closets and areas not as often visited for any semblance of a leak in your roof.  Check your roof as well. I recommend having your roof inspected to ensure there are no loosened or damaged shingles. The transition from cold to warm and cold and warm can sometimes cause cracks...
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Getting Your Car From Winter to Summer

The winter is tough on a lot of us!  Harsh cold, snow, ice, it’s not a fun time to be outside.  The weather can be even more difficult on your vehicle. The salt and potholes do a lot of damage, even after the weather has passed.  Now that temperatures are warming, it’s a great time to give your car the TLC it deserves! Here are my top tips for getting your car ready for summer. First, your windshield wipers likely took a good battering getting ice and slush off of your windshield.  Cold weather will wear down wiper blades quickly, so be sure you give them a thorough check and look for frays and cracks.  If you hear squeaking or worse, the wipers don’t totally remove water in your sight line, it’s time for a replacement. The last thing you want is to be caught in a spring storm and not...
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