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Black Friday & Your Insurance

Getting a great deal on Black Friday is awesome!  What’s not-so-awesome? The long lines, rude people, fighting and arguing for the best deal, and worst of all… the traffic. Many of us enjoy online shopping for Black Friday, but for those that head out, watch out for some potential areas of trouble for yourself, your gifts, and your car! Sleepy drivers Black Friday starts early now, most of the time it’s on the evening of Thanksgiving Day.  Not only have most folks eaten more than their fill of turkey and all the trimmings, they likely weren’t able to squeeze in a power nap with the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  The later (or earlier) it gets, the more you may run into some not-so-attentive drivers. The bad news is that after an accident, your rates will typically increase, especially in the event that you are at fault for the accident....
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Have You Heard of Umbrella Insurance?

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As you already know, anything can happen at any time.  You have a variety of insurance coverages for a variety of risk.  Anything can and does happen and it’s important to keep yourself and your family protected. An option to mitigate this risk is umbrella insurance.  Have you considered it? Have you heard of it? Umbrella coverage basically gives your existing policies and added boost.  The benefit? You get to enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re covered and that anything unexpected can and will be taken care of when it eventually happens.  Peace of mind is great isn’t it? Even if you aren’t a multi-millionaire - you could still face a lawsuit seeking millions in damages.  Can you identify with any of the following? You use social media. You volunteer or work with your HOA You have guests, events, or parties in your home You own property You have a job...
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The Importance of Scheduled Insurance Checkups

You have regular checkups with your doctor and your dentist, and you probably schedule an appointment in the fall with your auto mechanic for a winter checkup for your vehicle. Everything in our lives runs smoother with checkups. That includes one other checkup you may have forgotten to schedule -- a checkup with your insurance agent. Maybe it slipped your mind, or maybe you hadn't realized why it's so important to your financial health, but it’s just as important as doctor appointments are to your physical health, and auto checkups are to your car's health to run optimally all year long. Why should you carve out more time out of your schedule to sit down with your insurance agent to chat about insurance? And how do you sandwich in another “must-do” in an already-crowded, busy life? The answer is so that you can update your agent on any changes that have...
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How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Benefit Your Insurance Costs

How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Benefit Your Insurance Costs
It's no secret that a healthy lifestyle can benefit your insurance costs (as in  lowers them), and in more ways than one.   See how staying atop your physical well-being could also help your financial well-being. Insurance Premiums Regardless of how healthcare insurance (and the actual health care we receive) finally pans out, there may be a financial reward for maintaining good health. Insurance companies encourage a healthy lifestyle through the premiums they establish for their clients. Why? Logically, when providing medical treatment for a policy holder who is frequently ill, an insurance company sustains a financial loss. Insurance companies love a policy holder who never needs to seek treatment. Hence, that person will pay the lowest premiums. Co-Pays The cost of a co-pay seems insignificant to some, but when an unhealthy lifestyle prompts frequent visits to a healthcare facility, those dollars begin to add up. Adopting a healthy diet and falling in-step...
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Do You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy Today?

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Owning an asset offers financial rewards, but if something goes wrong, the buck stops with you. The loose stair that you meant to fix or the dog that snapped at a passing cyclist fall within your responsibility. While your insurance may help pay for the damages others sustain, it may not be enough, so an umbrella insurance policy may help cover that. Umbrella Policies Start Where Other Insurance Products End If your insurance covers an incident, an umbrella policy may cover damages that go beyond its scope. For example, if someone slips and falls on your loose stair, your insurance may pay for the individual’s medical care and associated expenses. But if a court also finds you negligent and assesses further damages such as pain and suffering, it is possible to go beyond the dollar amount your insurance allows. An umbrella policy could pick up at this point and may cover...
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When is the Perfect Time to Buy Life Insurance?

life insurance
While there probably is no “perfect” time to buy a life insurance policy, there are key signs that will help guide you in the right direction. The key ingredient needed to answer that question is your stage of life and how many people are depending on you. Life insurance policies provide for payments to family: wife, children, or other dependents in the event that you die and your income was a significant source of economic support. Life insurance is also used to pay for death-related expenses, such as funerals. While contemplating death is never pleasant, the prospect of leaving young children without the financial support a parent provides isn’t either. Who Should Have Life Insurance If you have just married and are contemplating starting a family, it’s time for you to start looking into life insurance. It will provide for your spouse and children which is always a reassuring feeling. If...
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Car Insurance Coverages You Shouldn't Ignore: Emergency Roadside Assistance

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An emergency roadside assistance program is one of the car insurance coverages you shouldn't ignore. It can be invaluable in providing peace of mind to motorists. Although the term calls to mind cars with raised hoods by the side of the road, insurance policies that offer emergency roadside assistance provide a range of services for motorists stuck for one reason or another. Services provided by emergency roadside assistance include locksmiths coming to help if you’re locked out, flat tire repair (or free change to your spare), jump starting a battery that’s gone dead, either as a result of age or lights left on, gas or oil provided if lack of either one has caused an emergency, and free towing up to policy limits. Many plans offer even more benefits. Some will include emergency assistance for bicycles, especially if you’re a bicycle commuter. Others will provide benefits for a rental car or...
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Why It’s a Good Idea to Have Renters Insurance

renters insurance
Many renters don’t have renters insurance . In fact, while 96% of home owners have home insurance, it is estimated that under 50% of renters do. Why? Well, many renters entertain a major misapprehension: that a landlord’s policy protects them. It doesn’t. Any landlord’s insurance policy is designed to protect what the landlord owns. It will protect the outside of the building. It will also protect anything the landlord owns inside, from walls to fixtures to appliances. But it will not protect a renter’s furniture, clothes, personal items, or computer. Many renters also don’t have a renters insurance policy because they don’t think anything will happen to their things. Far from thinking that a landlord’s policy protects them, they understand that it doesn’t, but don’t believe that their stuff is subject to damage. The problem is, everything is subject to damage. As careful as individual renters may be, the building could...
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Getting the Best Value on Personal Insurance Products

personal insurance value
Everyone loves getting a great deal and of course, you want the best deal possible when buying personal insurance products . However, whether it is rental, auto, long-term care insurance or some other type of insurance; you should keep in mind that cheaper does not always mean better. There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the best value in insurance including: Reputation: What kind of reputation does your insurance company have when it comes to customer service? This includes such things as how a company handles and responds to customer complaints. One great resource for checking on a company's reputation is the Better Business Bureau. Financial Stability: You want an insurance company that is going to be around for you when the going gets tough, including times of crisis when you need your claim paid fast. Insurance rating organizations such as A.M. Best can give you an...
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Home Insurance: A Guide to Understanding your Policy

home insurance policy
Deciphering all the information in your homeowner’s policy can seem a little overwhelming at first glance. Once you realize that most home insurance policies are laid out in a similar manner, making sense of it becomes a little easier. Here is some information you need to know that will help you with understanding your policy .   Declarations Page The declarations page or “dec sheet” summarizes your coverage and “declares” certain key points. This page contains vital information such as: Your insurance policy number   Policy period   Address of the covered property   Amount of coverages and deductibles   Amount of your premium, including any discounts that have been applied Definitions Section As with any legal document, the terms depend a great deal on how certain words are defined. The definitions section of your policy includes some key words and phrases that can be used to resolve any issues that...
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