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Tips to Prepare for Spring Storms

Tips to Prepare for Spring Storms Spring is almost here and that means severe weather.  Thunderstorms, tornadoes and more are part of life here in the Midwest.  Prevention is key. By taking a few preventative measures you can weather the storms more safely while possibly saving yourself money. Check your roof and siding for problems.  Have a contractor check your home for loose or missing shingles.  Also, check for leaks and water spots in your ceiling. Your home siding should be secure.  Check it for loose pieces which can come off in high winds. Clean and clear your gutters.  Make sure they are firmly attached to your house.  Strong winds and heavy rain are known to pull loose gutters away, damaging your home.  Grab a ladder and check them for debris. Ensure your downspouts are secure and pointed away from your home’s foundation.   Trim & clean up trees and shrubs....
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Black Friday & Your Insurance

Getting a great deal on Black Friday is awesome!  What’s not-so-awesome? The long lines, rude people, fighting and arguing for the best deal, and worst of all… the traffic. Many of us enjoy online shopping for Black Friday, but for those that head out, watch out for some potential areas of trouble for yourself, your gifts, and your car! Sleepy drivers Black Friday starts early now, most of the time it’s on the evening of Thanksgiving Day.  Not only have most folks eaten more than their fill of turkey and all the trimmings, they likely weren’t able to squeeze in a power nap with the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  The later (or earlier) it gets, the more you may run into some not-so-attentive drivers. The bad news is that after an accident, your rates will typically increase, especially in the event that you are at fault for the accident....
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3 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

Your home is obviously one of the biggest investments you will ever make.  Staying diligent with upkeep and fixing small problems before they become bigger problems is the best way to keep the hassle of issues at bay.  Certainly, unexpected problems will and do happen. That’s just life. Here are three mistakes that homeowners tend to make and a few tips on how to avoid them: Neglecting maintenance:  Checking your homes major systems (HVAC, sump pump, filters, etc.) should be done at least every six months.  When you change your clocks, switch out batteries in your smoke detectors, it’s important to do some additional maintenance as well.  Keep your furnace, heat pump, and central AC system serviced to ensure they’re running optimally. Change your filters at appropriate times, clean your ducts, vents, and return vents.  Clean the coils on your fridge. Check pipes for leaks and drips. Anything small you notice,...
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3 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Severe Weather

Winter is winding down and warmer weather is on the way.  As anyone who’s been through a Kansas City Spring knows, it can be a volatile time with severe weather, thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes.  Getting yourself and your family prepared is the best way to make it through severe weather season. The best defense is a good offense, right?   Below are our top 3 tips for a Kansas City Spring! Check your outdoor equipment!  It’s a perfect time of year to have service done on your air conditioner.  That way, when things heat up, you’ll be enjoying cooler temperatures instead of sweating your way through repairs in July.  You should also run some easy maintenance on your lawn mower and power equipment like weed eaters, trimmers, or anything else that is gas powered. Be prepared.  The Boy Scouts said it best.  It’s a good idea to put together an emergency...
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Tree Trimming Talk For Spring

Spring is a great time to get outside, enjoy the warmer weather, spruce up your lawn and landscaping, and trim your trees.  Tree maintenance is important to keep your yard looking great, for the health of the tree, and for overall safety for yourself, your home, and your loved ones.  Are you ready to learn more? Your homeowner's policy will thank you! Appearance is pretty self-explanatory.  Trimmed, cleaned up trees look great. I’m not saying to go turn your shrub out front into a T-Rex or anything, but trimming up limbs and branches can do a lot for making your home’s exterior look much more appealing. As far as health of your trees, getting rid of dead or dying branches is good for the tree as a whole.  Oftentimes, cutting away dead or weak branches can strengthen the tree as a whole. We could do an entire blog post on tree...
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5 Steps to Reduce Risks of Bursting, Freezing Pipes

water pipes in building
A burst pipe is more than an unpleasant problem; it can also have a devastating financial impact on a property owner. With the average burst pipe claim  costing $15,000, it is vital for homeowners and church leaders to take measures to address freezing pipes. Reduce your risk of freezing pipes bursting in your home or church with the following tips. 1. Make sure pipes in your home or church are properly insulated. Pay special attention to exposed pipes, as they are more likely than other pipes to freeze. Your degree of protection will rise with the amount of insulation you apply, so be careful not to skimp on your insulation, especially if you live in a raised home that is  more prone to freezing pipes . 2. Wrap pipes with heat tape. This can provide added protection to your pipes and can also help counteract the freezing process if it has...
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4 Burglary Prevention Tips for When You Are Away

man with crowbar back-lit by car headlights
If you’re going on vacation this season, don't leave behind a trail showing that nobody is home. If you will be out of your house for a few weeks or even a few days, make sure that nobody will notice. Here are four burglary prevention tips for when you are away. Use a Timer Clock for Household Lights Leaving your house dark for nights on end is a sure sign that you are not home. However, having the same lights on for a few weeks straight is not the best alternative. Instead, use an automatic clock timer to preset some of your lights to turn on and off, as if there is activity in the house. Nowadays, you could even control lights and other electronics while away with smart home technology. Remove Snow Buildup If a snowfall occurs while you are away and your driveway remains unplowed for days, burglars will be...
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