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Risks Facing Churches: Fire, Falls, Theft & Misconduct

Risks Facing Churches Fire Falls Theft Misconduct
As a church, you are going to encounter a variety of risk.  You can minimize your exposure to that risk with an appropriate insurance policy that covers your bases.  The main 4 factors that affect churches are Fire, Falls, Theft, and Misconduct. Fire:  Thousands of fires occur on religious properties each year.  Not only does fire damage your building (or possibly destroy it) it will also cause you losses in revenue and tithing plus additional costs of a new meeting place.  Most church fires happen in the church kitchen. Bad wiring, arson, and candles make up most of the rest. Churches encounter a number of different risks, but thankfully many can be minimized.   Falls:  One of the most common risk factors churches face are claims for slips and falls.  Your policy will likely protect you against medical bills and legal fees that result from falls on your property or at a...
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Tips for Nonprofit Insurance

Tips for nonprofit insurance
Your non-profit will have insurance needs.  Often times, a non-profit is built around a deep passion, and that passion can sometimes overshadow the business decisions you need to be making.  We’re going to cover a few tips for your non-profit insurance needs. Set your budget: Newer non-profits can sometimes struggle with budgeting for the coverage needed.  Make sure you get a quote when planning your budget so you and your team can start to set reasonable expectations.  Costs and coverages are obviously dependent on the work you are doing. Begin as early as possible: General liability insurance for your officers is going to be a big majority of your budget.  By starting early the costs of insurance can become a normal part of your annual budget. There won’t be any “shock” value as premiums role in as you grow.  Also, by having coverage early, eventual coverage and policy limits can grow...
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Have You Heard of Umbrella Insurance?

Copy of A comprehensive list of Australias
As you already know, anything can happen at any time.  You have a variety of insurance coverages for a variety of risk.  Anything can and does happen and it’s important to keep yourself and your family protected. An option to mitigate this risk is umbrella insurance.  Have you considered it? Have you heard of it? Umbrella coverage basically gives your existing policies and added boost.  The benefit? You get to enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re covered and that anything unexpected can and will be taken care of when it eventually happens.  Peace of mind is great isn’t it? Even if you aren’t a multi-millionaire - you could still face a lawsuit seeking millions in damages.  Can you identify with any of the following? You use social media. You volunteer or work with your HOA You have guests, events, or parties in your home You own property You have a job...
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Church Violence: The Threat is Real

Church violence and shootings are becoming more and more common. The calm and relaxed atmosphere and sense of personal have largely been voided with recent violence.  Churches and church leaders have taken the safety of their congregations personal and are investing in a variety of solutions to prevent future violence.  Some of those steps include active shooter training, added security, investment in security systems and cameras, etc.  As a leader or pastor yourself, I think it's important to highlight some additional solutions for this growing problem in our churches.   Communicate with your congregation - Adding security measures are great.  Having a congregation who doesn't know about them, doesn't know how to use them or doesn't understand how they work will provide a little upside in case of emergency.  Keep communication open and encourage your members to reach out and speak their minds.  After all, it's their personal safety they are worried...
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5 Steps To A Safer Church

5 Steps to Safer Church
Security is obviously a major concern of today’s churches.  Some churches assume more security means more costs and a costly and complicated system and install.  Want some good news? There is a lot that you can do at little to no cost! If your church leadership is ready to make changes and improve safety quickly, here are 5 steps to a safer church: Buy walkie-talkies:  An old-school two-way radio will always be beneficial when compared to a cell phone.  Should you lose signal, a walkie-talkie will still work and allow you to communicate with staff positioned around the building.  Communication is really one of the most important factors in any safety plan. Have a single church entrance:  Place a staff member or usher at the doors and lock them once service starts.  If you are going to have unlocked doors, keep a staff member in place to monitor activity at all...
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5 Steps to Reduce Risks of Bursting, Freezing Pipes

water pipes in building
A burst pipe is more than an unpleasant problem; it can also have a devastating financial impact on a property owner. With the average burst pipe claim  costing $15,000, it is vital for homeowners and church leaders to take measures to address freezing pipes. Reduce your risk of freezing pipes bursting in your home or church with the following tips. 1. Make sure pipes in your home or church are properly insulated. Pay special attention to exposed pipes, as they are more likely than other pipes to freeze. Your degree of protection will rise with the amount of insulation you apply, so be careful not to skimp on your insulation, especially if you live in a raised home that is  more prone to freezing pipes . 2. Wrap pipes with heat tape. This can provide added protection to your pipes and can also help counteract the freezing process if it has...
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Protecting Your Church from Wildfires

Protecting Your Church from Wildfires
According to National Geographic , an astonishing 100,000 wildfires occur every year. Four out of five of these fires are started by humans. Fortunately, there are many simple safety precautions that you can take to help reduce the chances that a wildfire will occur. Here are several pointers for protecting your church from wildfires: If a group wishes to create a bonfire or campfire, adhere to the following guidelines recommended by the American Red Cross : Only start a fire in an appropriate fire pit. Clear the area of vegetation and create a stone ring before starting a fire. Never leave a fire unattended. Douse a fire with water and smother it with dirt before leaving it. Never start a fire on a windy day. Additionally: Ensure smokers dispose of matches and cigarette butts in a closed container or water. Don't park a hot vehicle in dry grass. Don't spill gas or oil...
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Preventing Financial Fraud at Your Church: The Importance of Accountability

church cathedral interior
What comes to mind when you hear the words “con artist”? Do you envision the tourist hustler on the street? Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and deceit can also happen in our churches and houses of worship. Could this happen to you? Make sure to take proactive steps to take financial accountability to reduce the risk of trickery at your church. Churches can fall victim to fraud due in part to the internal culture. Good people are more trusting, which leads to a corporate nature of security, forgiveness, and second chances. Take notice if things start feeling out of place and uncomfortable. So, are there preventative measures to take to protect your church financially? Definitely. First, do screen your leaders and prominent members, and select people with high integrity. Second, increase accountability . Safekeep deposits, collections, and funds by ensuring finances are handled, checked, and reported with care by various...
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What your Church Must Know about 15-Passenger Van Safety

church van safety
Many churches rely on 15-passenger vans as an economical mode of transportation. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the rollover rate for these vans is higher than for most other vehicles, making 15-passenger van safety an essential topic for any church . Here are some things you can do to reduce your risk of experiencing a rollover. Tires Choose tires that are rated “load range E,” which are capable of carrying heavier loads. Many vans are driven only a few miles each year, but that does not necessarily mean your tires will have a longer lifespan. Replace your tires if they have a tread depth of less than 1/8”, show signs of dry rot, or are more than five years old, whichever comes first. Loading When carrying only a few passengers, have them sit in the front of the van. Rollovers are less likely when weight inside the...
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The Latest Safety Trends and Risks for Churches in 2017

latest safety trends and risks for churches
Besides the ever-present liability from accidents that a church needs to protect against, let's discuss 4 more timely areas. The third and fourth originate from the very latest human "advances". 1. Violence From Outside...And Within Today's increasing violence has touched places of worship more than ever. Garden-variety vandalism, faith-originating terrorism, domestic violence involving church attendees while at church, areas where people can legally bear arms: these are complex issues where insurance protection needs to be decided.     2. Sexual Abuse Claims Prevention: While impossible to prevent all such claims, background checks on all workers and volunteers could derail problems. Also, training all church personnel on proper and improper dealings with anyone associated with the church is extremely wise.  Response to allegations: How you answer any charges is as crucial as prevention. Empathy for a victim without admitting unjustified guilt is the task you'll face.  3. Surveillance, Data, And Privacy Video...
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