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Black Friday & Your Insurance

Getting a great deal on Black Friday is awesome!  What’s not-so-awesome? The long lines, rude people, fighting and arguing for the best deal, and worst of all… the traffic. Many of us enjoy online shopping for Black Friday, but for those that head out, watch out for some potential areas of trouble for yourself, your gifts, and your car! Sleepy drivers Black Friday starts early now, most of the time it’s on the evening of Thanksgiving Day.  Not only have most folks eaten more than their fill of turkey and all the trimmings, they likely weren’t able to squeeze in a power nap with the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  The later (or earlier) it gets, the more you may run into some not-so-attentive drivers. The bad news is that after an accident, your rates will typically increase, especially in the event that you are at fault for the accident....
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Have You Heard of Umbrella Insurance?

Copy of A comprehensive list of Australias
As you already know, anything can happen at any time.  You have a variety of insurance coverages for a variety of risk.  Anything can and does happen and it’s important to keep yourself and your family protected. An option to mitigate this risk is umbrella insurance.  Have you considered it? Have you heard of it? Umbrella coverage basically gives your existing policies and added boost.  The benefit? You get to enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re covered and that anything unexpected can and will be taken care of when it eventually happens.  Peace of mind is great isn’t it? Even if you aren’t a multi-millionaire - you could still face a lawsuit seeking millions in damages.  Can you identify with any of the following? You use social media. You volunteer or work with your HOA You have guests, events, or parties in your home You own property You have a job...
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Spring Motorcycle Tips

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We're discussing all things spring on our blog lately.  Colder weather may still be here, but it won't be for long.  Our personal lines insurance for home and auto will keep you safe any time of year, and our motorcycle policies will keep you safe through riding season.We're discussing all things spring on our blog lately.  Colder weather may still be here, but it won't be for long.  Our personal lines insurance for home and auto will keep you safe any time of year, and our motorcycle policies will keep you safe through riding season.

Did you know that motorcyclists are much more likely to be seriously injured or even killed in a crash versus people in cars?  Seems like a given, right?  Regardless of the danger, thousands of bikers will be hitting the road soon.  Motorcycle safety and the right safety equipment can go a long way to keeping you safe.

Motorcycles are awesome.  I know that.  They're fun.  They're loud.  They're fast.  They get great gas mileage.  We know there are a lot of positives.  There are a lot of risks to get those positives as well.  Motorcyclists are over 30 times more probable to die in an accident that drivers or passengers of vehicles.  Even the most experienced rider needs a refresher here and there.  

Here are some quick tips to keep you safe this season:
Stay easily visible:  It can be difficult to see a motorcyclist.  Drivers have always struggled to stay alert and smartphones and texting have made it more perilous.  One of the most important things you can do is stay out of blind spots.  Keep your lights on even during the day.  Wear bold, bright colors (I know black leather is the go-to).  Reflective materials are even better.

Safety First:  Wear a helmet.  Even if your state doesn't require it, your family and friends deserve it.  Wear a helmet.  The only thing between you and the pavement is the equipment you're wearing.  A brain injury or worse isn't worth the risk.  Stay safety minded always and keep your bike well maintained.  Don't ride in bad weather unless absolutely necessary.  Stay alert and always be defensive on the road.

There you go.  Just a few tips to get you started on an amazing and safe motorcycle season.  If you're paying too much for motorcycle insurance, or you want better service, call us for a quick quote.  You'll be glad you did.

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Dangers of Distracted Driving

driver texting on phone
A distracted driver is a lethal driver. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , nine people die, and over a thousand more suffer injuries every day from accidents caused by distracted drivers. Distracted driving happens when a driver focuses on any activity that is not related to driving. There are several, seemingly innocent activities that take a driver's attention off the road. That split second of lack of focus can be detrimental. Texting is the most notorious distraction for drivers. The U.S. Department of Transportation  states that reading or sending the average text takes your eyes off the road for five seconds. In those five seconds, you can travel the length of a football field, especially at highway speeds. Another source of distraction is car controls. If a driver is busy surfing for the perfect radio station or getting the airflow right, he/she can miss sudden changes in...
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What You Should (and Should Not) Do Following a Car Accident

What You Should (and Should Not) Do Following a Car Accident
Most drivers will experience at least one car crash during their lifetime. Even the most cautious driver can fall victim to someone else's inattention or lapse in judgment. While even a minor fender bender can rattle the nerves, it is important to know the steps to follow after a car accident , as well as what you should not do. Stop and Pull Over No matter how minor the accident may seem, you must pull over. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime and will only make an already bad situation even worse. If possible, make sure that you and the vehicles are safely out of the flow of traffic, and do not forget to turn on your hazard lights. Call 911 Any injuries, even if they appear minor, need to be treated as soon as possible. You should still call the police even if there are no injuries....
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Everyday Habits to Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

Everyday Habits to Prevent Vehicle Break Ins, car in parking lot
According to the Insurance Information Institute, there is a vehicle break-in approximately every 10 seconds. In most cases, these are spur of the moment crimes of opportunity. Follow these common-sense steps and make them habits to deter potential thieves and prevent a vehicle break-in . Make Safety a Priority No matter how quick the stop, always remove your keys from the ignition and lock the doors, and never leave children inside the vehicle unattended. Criminals are also less likely to target vehicles parked in busy, well-lit areas.  Increase Vehicle Break-In Difficulty A thief is looking for an easy target where he or she can get in and out quickly with little chance of being discovered. Adding anti-theft decals and locks on the steering wheel or brakes can deter thieves by letting them know that a break-in will take time and effort, increasing the likelihood of being caught. Audible alarms, GPS tracking,...
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Avoid Deer Collisions

avoid deer collisions
We've all seen the yellow signs on the road telling us to look out for deer, but how many people actually pay attention to this message while driving? Probably not too many of us . But there's more than a few reasons why we should heed these warnings. Time of Year If a highway is marked with a “deer crossing” sign, there's a good chance you will encounter a deer on the road. Knowing what time of year this happens most often is one easy way to reduce your chances of a collision with a deer. Consider their mating season: October through December. The likelihood of deer on the roadways increases significantly during these months. Combined with the dwindling hours of sunlight, this is often a recipe for disaster. Natural Surroundings Pay attention to your surroundings. Are you commuting through a heavily wooded area? If so, your chances of a deer...
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5 Essential Items for Your Car Emergency Kit

Essential Items for Your Car Insurance Kit
Many people spend hours a day in their car running errands, going/returning from work, volunteering, attending church, and taxi-ing their children to school or extracurricular activities. As such, it is important to make sure we are prepared for life’s little emergencies when we are in our vehicles. A little planning now can save you much trouble later. Here are our top five essential items for your car emergency kit : First aid kit. Through no one’s fault, accidents occur. Keeping a first aid kit will help you prepare for medical emergencies. Your kit should include basics, such as bandages and ointment, in addition to medications, cold packs, and (at least) one ace bandage. If you have a special need like an inhaler, keep that on hand as well. Water and food. Regardless of the season, having water and non-perishable food available will help you survive if you need to wait for...
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