Car Insurance Coverages You Shouldn't Ignore: Emergency Roadside Assistance

An emergency roadside assistance program is one of the car insurance coverages you shouldn't ignore. It can be invaluable in providing peace of mind to motorists. Although the term calls to mind cars with raised hoods by the side of the road, insurance policies that offer emergency roadside assistance provide a range of services for motorists stuck for one reason or another.

Services provided by emergency roadside assistance include locksmiths coming to help if you’re locked out, flat tire repair (or free change to your spare), jump starting a battery that’s gone dead, either as a result of age or lights left on, gas or oil provided if lack of either one has caused an emergency, and free towing up to policy limits.

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Many plans offer even more benefits. Some will include emergency assistance for bicycles, especially if you’re a bicycle commuter. Others will provide benefits for a rental car or lodging for motorists whose cars require repair away from home.

Before purchasing a policy, consider the following factors.

    1. Affordability: An emergency roadside assistance program should be affordable enough to pay for itself even if you only use it once a year. You’d certainly pay for towing or a jump start to your battery. Many of these programs cost less than that.


    1. Safety and security: It can either be or feel dangerous if you have a vehicle emergency. It might happen late at night or in an inaccessible or fairly deserted place. It can be much more secure to simply be able to make a phone call and know that someone is coming to help. That’s particularly true for women and senior citizens, but it applies to everybody.

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