Black Friday & Your Insurance


Getting a great deal on Black Friday is awesome!  What’s not-so-awesome? The long lines, rude people, fighting and arguing for the best deal, and worst of all… the traffic.

Many of us enjoy online shopping for Black Friday, but for those that head out, watch out for some potential areas of trouble for yourself, your gifts, and your car!

Sleepy drivers

Black Friday starts early now, most of the time it’s on the evening of Thanksgiving Day.  Not only have most folks eaten more than their fill of turkey and all the trimmings, they likely weren’t able to squeeze in a power nap with the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  The later (or earlier) it gets, the more you may run into some not-so-attentive drivers. The bad news is that after an accident, your rates will typically increase, especially in the event that you are at fault for the accident.  If someone gets seriously injured or worse, well, let’s just say the great bargains aren’t worth that… so be extra careful. Go slow. Stay alert and always watch out for pedestrians.

Ragin’ for Savings

Everyone is in a huge rush on Black Friday.  People are fighting for certain items, parking spots, quick checkouts and more.  Emotions tend to run high as well. The stress plus emotions can lead to some less than desirable situations.  There is a huge spike in road rage incidents. If someone were to hit your vehicle on purpose, their insurance may not cover it (insurance is for accidents after all).  If that’s the case, your collision coverage would come into play. Just keep it simple and try to avoid any stressful situations. If someone does something not-so-great behind the wheel, take a deep breath and let it go.  Any escalation and potential damage are not worth the lasting financial repercussions.

Parking Lot Problems

Parking lots are busy on Black Friday and that can mean a host of headaches for your vehicle.  Accidents can occur, but so can damage from door dings or stray carts. What’s worse is, you may not know who hit your vehicle!  Should you experience a hit and run, be sure to call the police and your insurance provider. Hit and run is a crime and a police report will be very helpful during the claims process.  Be sure to keep a log of witnesses and take photos with your cell phone so you have documented records. Write down your location, the damage that occurred and what time the accident occurred (or roughly what time).

Stolen Gifts From Your Car

I know it’s a huge bummer, but theft does happen quite a bit around the holidays.  I always tell my family to store as much as they can in the trunk or in the back of their SUV’s.  It really is the safest place. Should someone steal items from your car, remember, those items are considered personal property so your renters or homeowners policy would cover the cost of replacing said personal property.  If your vehicle is damaged in the process of the theft, that’s where your comprehensive coverage would kick in. Be sure to call your insurance carrier to make sure you have comprehensive as it’s often not required by state law.

These are just a few examples of what can happen on Black Friday (or any day during the busy holiday shopping season).  Be safe, go slow, and give people an extra measure of kindness when you’re out in the thick of it. Have a blessed holiday and happy shopping!

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