B.J. started with GuideOne in 1990 as an agent in Oklahoma. In 1991 B.J. and Becky moved to Lee’s Summit and opened Moyer & Moyer Insurance Agency, Inc. B.J. specializes in auto/home and life insurance. Helping individuals protect their assets while being the best steward of their money is his desire. Away from the office B.J. is involved with...

B.J. started with GuideOne in 1990 as an agent in Oklahoma. In 1991 B.J. and Becky moved to Lee’s Summit and opened Moyer & Moyer Insurance Agency, Inc. B.J. specializes in auto/home and life insurance. Helping individuals protect their assets while being the best steward of their money is his desire. Away from the office B.J. is involved with the Men’s Ministry at his church. Spending time with Becky and his two adult daughters puts a smile on his face, along with any golf outing and cheering on the Royals.


Get Thru Boating Season Safely

Get Thru Boating Season Safely
Boating season is in full swing!  If you’ve been to the lake you’ll notice that more and more people are getting out on the water.  Sales of boats continually increase year over year. Despite the rise in ownership, boating accidents have actually been decreasing. Talk about great news!  To continue the trend in boating safety we want to provide you with a few quick tips. Get the right life jackets - Ensure everyone wears them With so many varieties of life jackets, it can be intimidating to know which one to buy.  Focus on what activities you’re going to be doing (skiing, kayaking, boating, etc.) and water conditions in the areas you will be boating.  All of your potential passengers (including your pets) need a life jacket that fits properly.   Make sure they are worn at all times!  According to the Coast Guard, most incidents of boat drowning occurs with life...
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Risks Facing Churches: Fire, Falls, Theft & Misconduct

Risks Facing Churches Fire Falls Theft Misconduct
As a church, you are going to encounter a variety of risk.  You can minimize your exposure to that risk with an appropriate insurance policy that covers your bases.  The main 4 factors that affect churches are Fire, Falls, Theft, and Misconduct. Fire:  Thousands of fires occur on religious properties each year.  Not only does fire damage your building (or possibly destroy it) it will also cause you losses in revenue and tithing plus additional costs of a new meeting place.  Most church fires happen in the church kitchen. Bad wiring, arson, and candles make up most of the rest. Churches encounter a number of different risks, but thankfully many can be minimized.   Falls:  One of the most common risk factors churches face are claims for slips and falls.  Your policy will likely protect you against medical bills and legal fees that result from falls on your property or at a...
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Tips for Nonprofit Insurance

Tips for nonprofit insurance
Your non-profit will have insurance needs.  Often times, a non-profit is built around a deep passion, and that passion can sometimes overshadow the business decisions you need to be making.  We’re going to cover a few tips for your non-profit insurance needs. Set your budget: Newer non-profits can sometimes struggle with budgeting for the coverage needed.  Make sure you get a quote when planning your budget so you and your team can start to set reasonable expectations.  Costs and coverages are obviously dependent on the work you are doing. Begin as early as possible: General liability insurance for your officers is going to be a big majority of your budget.  By starting early the costs of insurance can become a normal part of your annual budget. There won’t be any “shock” value as premiums role in as you grow.  Also, by having coverage early, eventual coverage and policy limits can grow...
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Tips to Prepare for Spring Storms

Tips to Prepare for Spring Storms Spring is almost here and that means severe weather.  Thunderstorms, tornadoes and more are part of life here in the Midwest.  Prevention is key. By taking a few preventative measures you can weather the storms more safely while possibly saving yourself money. Check your roof and siding for problems.  Have a contractor check your home for loose or missing shingles.  Also, check for leaks and water spots in your ceiling. Your home siding should be secure.  Check it for loose pieces which can come off in high winds. Clean and clear your gutters.  Make sure they are firmly attached to your house.  Strong winds and heavy rain are known to pull loose gutters away, damaging your home.  Grab a ladder and check them for debris. Ensure your downspouts are secure and pointed away from your home’s foundation.   Trim & clean up trees and shrubs....
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Black Friday & Your Insurance

Getting a great deal on Black Friday is awesome!  What’s not-so-awesome? The long lines, rude people, fighting and arguing for the best deal, and worst of all… the traffic. Many of us enjoy online shopping for Black Friday, but for those that head out, watch out for some potential areas of trouble for yourself, your gifts, and your car! Sleepy drivers Black Friday starts early now, most of the time it’s on the evening of Thanksgiving Day.  Not only have most folks eaten more than their fill of turkey and all the trimmings, they likely weren’t able to squeeze in a power nap with the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  The later (or earlier) it gets, the more you may run into some not-so-attentive drivers. The bad news is that after an accident, your rates will typically increase, especially in the event that you are at fault for the accident....
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Have You Heard of Umbrella Insurance?

Copy of A comprehensive list of Australias
As you already know, anything can happen at any time.  You have a variety of insurance coverages for a variety of risk.  Anything can and does happen and it’s important to keep yourself and your family protected. An option to mitigate this risk is umbrella insurance.  Have you considered it? Have you heard of it? Umbrella coverage basically gives your existing policies and added boost.  The benefit? You get to enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re covered and that anything unexpected can and will be taken care of when it eventually happens.  Peace of mind is great isn’t it? Even if you aren’t a multi-millionaire - you could still face a lawsuit seeking millions in damages.  Can you identify with any of the following? You use social media. You volunteer or work with your HOA You have guests, events, or parties in your home You own property You have a job...
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3 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Church Insurance

Protecting your church is obviously priority number one.  With the right agent, you can make a well-informed decision while at the same time receiving personal attention and the peace of knowing your best interest is being kept as top priority.  We strive to provide our clients with the greatest client experience we can while ensuring they have the peace of mind. Here are 3 key things to ask when looking to ensure your church: Do you specialize in church insurance?  Having someone who understands the particulars around insuring churches will provide tremendous value over the long haul.  It’s also important to find out if the agent work with multiple carries or just one. How long does it take to have a claim handled?  When bad things happen, it’s important to have reasonable expectations with regard to claims processing.  It’s comforting to have confidence that your insurance company will be there and...
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Online Safety Best Practices

Keeping your home and car protected is a must.  What about your digital identity? Your personal information is at risk any time you log on, but there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe. Multi-Factor Authentication:  You’ve likely seen this feature (and hopefully you’ve started using it) in which additional verification is required to sign in.  Not just a password. You will likely need to set up security questions or you can have a code or verification text or email sent to your phone.  It’s really a win-win! Granted, it takes a little longer to log in, you’ll be thankful you have added layers of security in the event of an attempted breach. Backup Your Data:  Having your phone or computer stolen is awful, but losing documents, photos, files, etc. doesn’t have to hurt as much!  Backup your data in a variety of ways. Buy an external...
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3 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

Your home is obviously one of the biggest investments you will ever make.  Staying diligent with upkeep and fixing small problems before they become bigger problems is the best way to keep the hassle of issues at bay.  Certainly, unexpected problems will and do happen. That’s just life. Here are three mistakes that homeowners tend to make and a few tips on how to avoid them: Neglecting maintenance:  Checking your homes major systems (HVAC, sump pump, filters, etc.) should be done at least every six months.  When you change your clocks, switch out batteries in your smoke detectors, it’s important to do some additional maintenance as well.  Keep your furnace, heat pump, and central AC system serviced to ensure they’re running optimally. Change your filters at appropriate times, clean your ducts, vents, and return vents.  Clean the coils on your fridge. Check pipes for leaks and drips. Anything small you notice,...
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Church Violence: The Threat is Real

Church violence and shootings are becoming more and more common. The calm and relaxed atmosphere and sense of personal have largely been voided with recent violence.  Churches and church leaders have taken the safety of their congregations personal and are investing in a variety of solutions to prevent future violence.  Some of those steps include active shooter training, added security, investment in security systems and cameras, etc.  As a leader or pastor yourself, I think it's important to highlight some additional solutions for this growing problem in our churches.   Communicate with your congregation - Adding security measures are great.  Having a congregation who doesn't know about them, doesn't know how to use them or doesn't understand how they work will provide a little upside in case of emergency.  Keep communication open and encourage your members to reach out and speak their minds.  After all, it's their personal safety they are worried...
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