5 Steps to Reduce Risks of Bursting, Freezing Pipes

A burst pipe is more than an unpleasant problem; it can also have a devastating financial impact on a property owner. With the average burst pipe claim costing $15,000, it is vital for homeowners and church leaders to take measures to address freezing pipes. Reduce your risk of freezing pipes bursting in your home or church with the following tips.

water pipes in building

1. Make sure pipes in your home or church are properly insulated.

Pay special attention to exposed pipes, as they are more likely than other pipes to freeze. Your degree of protection will rise with the amount of insulation you apply, so be careful not to skimp on your insulation, especially if you live in a raised home that is more prone to freezing pipes.

2. Wrap pipes with heat tape.

This can provide added protection to your pipes and can also help counteract the freezing process if it has already begun. Whether you are wrapping pipes in a home or a church, make sure to use tape as recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Disconnect garden hoses and drain pipes connected to outdoor faucets. 

This helps prevent water from freezing within the pipes that are on the outside of your home or church, or any pipes inside that connect outdoors. You also help prevent your hoses from cracking.

4. Leave a small trickle of warm and cold water running from your faucets. 

Make sure that you do not simply leave your faucet dripping, as this might not provide sufficient protection for your pipes. A tiny, but constant, stream is ideal to relieve pressure and helps the water stream stay liquid, rather than turning solid.

5. Do not turn off your thermostat before you leave town.

While turning off your thermostat might help reduce your short-term energy bills, you put your pipes at an increased risk of freezing. Your pipes will still need warm air circulating, so if you must adjust your thermostat, try to do so in gradual increments and do not set it below 55 degrees Fahrenheit before you leave.

What is the most important thing you can do to handle freezing pipes bursting?

The best preventative measure you can take to contend with burst pipes is to enlist the support of a trustworthy insurance provider. By seeking the guidance of a dependable insurance provider, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are covered in the event of an emergency at your home or church. We invite you to contact us to learn more about keeping your pipes intact and other property safe from further water damage.

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