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4 Burglary Prevention Tips for When You Are Away

If you’re going on vacation this season, don't leave behind a trail showing that nobody is home. If you will be out of your house for a few weeks or even a few days, make sure that nobody will notice. Here are four burglary prevention tips for when you are away.

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Use a Timer Clock for Household Lights

Leaving your house dark for nights on end is a sure sign that you are not home. However, having the same lights on for a few weeks straight is not the best alternative. Instead, use an automatic clock timer to preset some of your lights to turn on and off, as if there is activity in the house. Nowadays, you could even control lights and other electronics while away with smart home technology.

Remove Snow Buildup

If a snowfall occurs while you are away and your driveway remains unplowed for days, burglars will be sure to notice. Hire a snow-plowing company or pay a neighbor to shovel your driveway.

Don't Leave Mail Unattended

You don't want issues upon issues of the daily newspaper piling up in your driveway. The same goes for your mailbox; you don't want it to overflow. Hire a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers. Do the same for any other scheduled deliveries.

Leave Outdoor Lights On

Finally, leave bright lights on around your house, especially near your doors and windows. Burglars love the secrecy of darkness, hiding in shadows to get to your house. Light (and lights with motion detectors) can deter them, as they fear being spotted.

The best way to protect yourself from burglars is to take precaution and be smart about your travels. Protecting yourself with insurance will help with recovery as well, in case you do fall victim to theft. For more information, contact us.

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