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3 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Severe Weather

Winter is winding down and warmer weather is on the way.  As anyone who’s been through a Kansas City Spring knows, it can be a volatile time with severe weather, thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes.  Getting yourself and your family prepared is the best way to make it through severe weather season. The best defense is a good offense, right?  

Below are our top 3 tips for a Kansas City Spring!

  • Check your outdoor equipment!  It’s a perfect time of year to have service done on your air conditioner.  That way, when things heat up, you’ll be enjoying cooler temperatures instead of sweating your way through repairs in July.  You should also run some easy maintenance on your lawn mower and power equipment like weed eaters, trimmers, or anything else that is gas powered.
  • Be prepared.  The Boy Scouts said it best.  It’s a good idea to put together an emergency survival kit with water, batteries, a flashlight, a radio, and some granola bars.  Should a severe weather event occur, you will be thankful you did. Also, develop an extreme weather disaster plan and go over it with your family.  Much like a fire drill. Make sure your children know where to go and how to stay safe in the event of a tornado or other severe weather issue.
  • Check the exterior of your home.  Your gutters, downspouts, roof and shingles, windows and caulking around them, door seals, even paint!  Look for anything that’s become loosened or weak. If you find anything, fix them or seal them before the damage worsens or moisture seeps in.  Your gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned and cleared of any blockage. Touch up any spots where paint has chipped or worn. Any exposed wood can lead to rot and exposed metal can rust.

One additional project we encourage is to be sure you take a home inventory.  Spring is a good time to do this and should you ever have damage or worse, it’ll make your life much easier to have a solid inventory of your items.  What if you really lost everything? Would you be ready? Take notes while Spring cleaning and maybe invest in a fireproof safe for those items that are irreplaceable.  At Moyer & Moyer, we provide service unmatched by other insurance companies. Call us today for a free quote on home or auto and see how much you could be saving!

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