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3 Tips to Protect Your Church and Home This Winter

Winter can be a dangerous time at your home or church: temperatures drop, snow can fall, and sidewalks, driving areas, and other walkways can become icy, becoming hazardous to drive and walk upon. These events can cause injury, from broken legs from falls to frostbite in dangerously low temperatures. They can also cause property damage to homes and churches. How can you protect your yourself and others from the harshness of winter? Follow these three tips to stay safe.

woman walking on sidewalk in snow storm

Make sure the pipes don't freeze.

If temperatures drop below freezing, the water in plumbing pipes in both your home and church can freeze. Frozen water takes up more space; it expands, causing pipes to burst. As a result, your family and friends are suddenly without water, and you’ll need to call a plumber to repair the pipes and control the damage. This can become quite costly. As a safety measure, never leave heat off nor have your thermostat down too low when you're away. Make sure pipes are wrapped and insulated appropriately for winter.

Remove snow as soon as possible.

When snow falls, it can be dangerous in parking lots and driveways for drivers and pedestrians. Arrange to have snow removed as soon as possible after it stops falling. Be sure to put sand or salt on driving areas and walkways, so that people and vehicles don't slip in the snow.

De-ice public walkways and driving areas.

Ice is very dangerous to walk and drive on. Both homeowners and churches need to be sure to de-ice any public walkways and driving areas on their property. De-icing is even required by some laws, putting responsibility on the home or property owner if someone sustains injuries from a slip or fall on your space. Use sand or salt to help with traction and aid in melting. If necessary, hire a professional crew to de-ice heavily iced areas en masse.

While the cold temperatures and powdery snow can be fun, be prepared this winter to make sure you, your home, and your church are safe from the dangers of the elements. Contact us for more information on how we can help you stay atop the hazards of this harsh season.

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