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Our Company

Moyer & Moyer Insurance specializes in providing individuals, churches and nonprofit organizations with an array of services while helping them be the best stewards of their insurance dollars. Our team has extensive knowledge of both personal insurance lines and church insurance, as evident by the large number of clients in both areas. We serve churches, religious headquarters, and seminaries of all sizes and varying denominations.

With a strong devotion to faith and the church, Moyer & Moyer specializes in risk management based on the principle: It’s better to prepare and prevent than repair and repent. We have this emphasis on risk management because we want to help brace our customers for the unknown, allowing individuals, churches and businesses to be educated and prepared.

Our expertise is strengthened through our relationships with insurers recognized as leaders in the industry. These leaders serve areas such as: auto, homeowners, life, church, worker’s compensation and risk management. We are committed to providing our customers with insight, advice, customized coverages, and lasting relationships.

Our Story

Moyer & Moyer Insurance was founded in 1991 by co-owners B.J. and Becky Moyer. With a passion for helping churches and protecting people’s assets, the duo now has 30+ years of experience and a distinguished reputation throughout Missouri.  Moyer & Moyer became a member of Insurance One Agency, LC, in November of 2017.

Our team is continually growing and diversifying our product portfolio as the needs of our expanding customer base continues evolving. In order to provide the finest care to our customers, we believe that dividing and conquering is the most efficient strategy. Each of our team members have different specialties in order to provide our customers with consistency and first-rate outcomes. The separating of responsibilities has allowed for B.J. to oversee the personal clients, while Becky handles the church clients. We’re proud of the fact that every staff member of the Moyer & Moyer team is licensed and knowledgeable. B.J. and Becky Moyer have established our vision and core values of integrity and professionalism in meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations. This commitment has allowed us to build long-standing relationships with our valued customers.

We don’t think of each other as simply work colleagues, we are a family. We spend a great deal of time together in and outside of “business hours,” and believe this dynamic adds to the success of our tight-knit agency.

Our Achievements

Named as a 5-Star Agency in the Kansas City Business Magazine, we have received numerous awards and recognitions. As a top-rated agency insuring over 450 churches, we are one of the largest and top GuideOne agencies in Missouri.

By partnering with organizations such as The Rachel House, local Lee’s Summit schools, and various ministries, we are actively engaged in our local church and community.